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31 Jul 2022

Box making / Cabinet making fundamentals

Box making / Cabinet making fundamentals

Box making classes have become our “signature class”.

Clients have the choice of timbers,materials, size, configuration and personalising the project to suit its purpose.

Organisers or pigeon holes are always a neat addition to your cabinet. The addition of hardware, fittings, leather and glass add layers of interest and skills.

This class provides the foundation skills that can be found in classic cabinet making.

The final product can be mounted on a wall or sit restfully on a sideboard.

Time table:

Your 5 day Itinerary is a flexible guide to assist you with your planning.

Monday –   Designing and planning, generate a cutting list and wood machining.

Tuesday –  Use of basic and static machinery, planers, saw stop, stock preparation.

Wed       –  Jointing, Dovetails, domino, mortise and tenon, bridle and rebate.

Thurs     –  Assembly of carcase, back frame, door, feet, knobs, glazing and fittings.

Friday    – Final detailing and finishing techniques.

The final wrap is always a joyful 1 minute video by Kaye to wind up the week.

Please note that Wed pm is an opportunity to visit the Wood shop and Carbatec in Glenorchy for inspiration and a bit of retail therapy.

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