InstructorChris Bush
TypeOnsite Course
DateJan 1, 2019 - Jan 31, 2019
Time9:00am - 7.00pm
PlaceThe Oast House, Tywnald Park, New Norfolk, Tasmania 7140
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The “art of cabinetmaking” is a time honoured trade that embodies all the hallmarks of fine craftsmanship and design.

Those hallmarks or corner stones of the more recently labelled “makers space” are essentially about design, creativity, innovation, complexity, utility and detail.

These skills are both practical  and intellectual. They require the conscious marrying of hand and mind, planning and execution, which ultimately empower and nourish the soul.

Immerse yourself in a 2 week program

This is a course for “the student of our craft” in fine craftsmanship and design.

It is for clients seeking to immerse themselves in a 2 week sanctuary of fine woodworking skills.

This is the flagship of the Derwent Valley School of Creative Woodworking.

Clients build a Wall Mounted Cabinet of their choosing or design.

There is scope to discuss a project of personal interest.

They are encouraged to complete thumb nail sketches, assistance will provided with 3 dimensional working plans.

Their is a focus on:

Full size plans, pattern, models, practice joints, machining, veneering,marquetry, woodturning, cnc routering,  assembly, and finishing techniques.

This class includes a trip to specialized retail tool and furniture hardware shops in Hobart and a trip to Mt Field to see the ‘Tall Trees”.

There is a Winter and Summer class June and January

Contact Chris personally for details on

National : 0459 548 263

International:61 459 548 263      

Accommodation Available