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Christmas Gift Vouchers

Have a creative day, meet like minded people, in a unique setting, lunch provided, choose a date that suits you!
13 Dec 2018


Personal Gift for your loved one, treasured friend, partner, parent,

Gift vouchers have been very popular. The End Grain Cutting Board proves to be the signature project for most who are seeking to begin their woodworking journey.

It represents excellent value, participants get to experience “the big end of town” an use the machinery immediately. The class commences by selecting a variety of Tasmanian timbers, machine, joints, glue and assemble the boards before re-slicing, regluing, sanding, oiling and adding buffer pins.

Priced at just $350 participants will enjoy a great day and leave with a beautiful kitchen accessory.

Contact Chris: thedvscw@gmail.com and he will email a personalised voucher.