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12 Apr 2018

Woodwork for Beginners – personalising project work

Woodwork for Beginners has been added to our suite of programs in 2018. In most cases we provide an image as a “conversation starter” for example, Fruit bowl, Coat rack or Butchers block. We do appreciate that most inquiries stem from peoples interest in learning the foundation skills of woodwork and creating a project of...
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29 Jan 2018

Check out our new courses for 2018. Early bird accommodation available

Welcome to the new Oast House website. ‘Oast’ (derived from the Latin word meaning heat) is the name given to kilns used for drying hops and consequently ‘oast houses’ are the buildings used when drying hops. It is believed that the oldest sections of the ‘The Oast House’ were built by John Terry in the...
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