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Project – Classic book case

Classic Book Shelf

(Suitable for Intermediate)

This is a highly functional storage unit for books, magazines. It doubles beautifully as a display unit for mementos and keep sakes, standing approximately (900mm x 500mm x 200mm). It can be situated in family rooms, formal dining areas and guest bedrooms.

The timeless mortise and peg construction enables easy dismantling for packaging and freighting home. The steel fastening plates located 450mm apart, are designed to hang the book shelf on plaster or timber walls. It can also serve as a free standing unit.

The bookshelf is an excellent example of modern routing techniques. It requires the construction of templates and flush trimming bits and radius cutters.

Available timbers include Huon pine, Myrtle, Sassafras, Eucalypt, Tasmanian Blackwood, English Elm and Macrocarpa pine. The book shelf is finished with a furniture grade lacquer and complete with rubber buffer pins.
The tutor will craft a book shelf and carefully demonstrate each step of construction.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Recognise decorative timber surfaces
  2. Complete a 4mm templates for sides and shelves (include mortise and tenons)
  3. Fasten templates onto timber surfaces
  4. Fasten side templates with brads into mortise slots
  5. Plunge router side mortises with 12mm trenching bit (use follower)
  6. Bandsaw sides to shape 1mm over size (retain 4mm template)
  7. Router sides with a Flush Trimming bit
  8. Router mortises with a 6mm radius bit
  9. Fasten top / bottom / shelf templates
  10. Bandsaw shelves to shape, 1mm over size (retain 4mm template)
  11. Router shelves to shape with Flush Trimming bit
  12. Plunge router top /bottom / shelf mortise with 12mm trenching bit
  13. Router edges / tenons and mortise with 6mm radius bit
  14. Construct “creative pegs”
  15. Sand and detail all components
  16. Spray and assemble book shelf.

Cost of Materials: $80