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Project – Jewellery Chest

Jewellery Chest

(Suitable for Intermediate)

The Jewellery Chest is a highly functional storage unit for those precious documents or keep-sakes. Its inspiration is taken from the storage chests that travelled the globe on sailing ships. The dimensions of the chest are 450mm’s x 250mm’s x 250mm’s.

Round box-100The chest features:

  1. A coopered lid forms the arch
  2. Laminated strips of different timbers form the body of the chest.
  3. Plenished decorative metal strips are applied to chest
  4. Metal upholstery pins secure the metal
  5. Hardware – handle, hinges, latches and rubber feet.
  6. Sanded and sprayed with furniture lacquer.

Please note: Storage trays are a great addition to your personalised chest.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Mortise the ends and base with a domino machine
  2. Assemble the base and ends with sash clamps, dominos and glue.
  3. Drop saw the rectangular slats to length and glue to arches
  4. Router the coopered slats, dock to length and glue to arches.
  5. Vigorously sand (course/med/fine) the chest
  6. Panel saw chest and separate lid from base
  7. Fasten surface hinges ( use a pencil and pilot drill holes)
  8. Drill holes and fasten handles
  9. Drill holes and fasten latches
  10. Shape, plenish and fasten metal strips

Cost of the Materials: