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Project – Occasional Table

Scandinavian Occasional Table

(Suitable for Intermediate)

Occasional table-100This is an elegant Scandinavian occasional table that continues to exhibit classical design elements. The table is 900mm’sx400mm’s x400mm’s. The table top has curved ends and sides and the decorative edge has been created with hand tools to maximise the simplicity and bespoke hand crafted appearance.

The sub frame assembly has been connected with traditional mortise and tenon joinery and off set rails. The table top is fastened to the sub-frame with a neatly shaped cleats and elongated slots to accommodate timber expansion. There is scope to personalise the leg profile and add your own design element. The table has been sanded and hand rubbed to a 1200 grit abrasive paper and finished with tung oil.

The tutor will craft a beautiful table and carefully demonstrate each step of construction.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Recognise decorative timber surfaces
  2. Identify suitable surfaces for marking and setting out (Face marks)
  3. Complete widening joint for table top (950mm’sx 425mm’s x 25mm’s)
  4. Drum sand table top 80grit- 120grit-180grit-240 grit
  5. Shape ends and sides, (use template)
  6. Bandsaw and shape edge detail
  7. Complete marking and setting out for tenon joinery
  8. Create mortise and tenon joinery on legs and rails.
  9. Drum sand legs and rails to 240 grit
  10. Assemble sub frame
  11. Construct cleats
  12. Detail sand all components
  13. Apply several coats of tung oil
  14. Fasten furniture sliders to leg bases

Cost of the Materials: