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Project – Wine rack

Wine Rack

(Suitable for Intermediate)

Attention to those seeking innovative new contemporary timber technologies!!

We are very excited to announce the inclusion of digital timber technology at the DVSCW. The purchase of a CNC router has enabled the school to offer commercial services and projects to clients who are seeking innovative and contemporary timber technologies.

The process of designing and making a Wine Rack begins with a conversation about material, size, and style.

The Vectric software provides the scope to personalise designs and process them quickly and efficiently to a professional standard. Participants who wish to develop some understanding of this technology will immediately recognise the power and breadth of this software and equipment. I suspect they will seek to include it in future project work.

Participants begin by:

  1. Having a conversation about the sign they wish to create
  2. Working with the tutor to draw the Wine Rack on VCarve Pro
  3. Machining a blank or cutting man made board / material to size
  4. Routering the components
  5. Detail sanding and assembling the wine rack
  6. Spraying
  7. Applying the metal hardware

Material costs will depend on the size and style of the Wine Rack