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Terms and Conditions

Evening and weekend term sessions cater for students of all ability.

The class projects are rated for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

End grain cutting board-100Each participant is provided with the tools to complete their projects. We do encourage participants to bring equipment if they are seeking advice or wishing to maintain them.

Class sizes are restricted to six participants. Our philosophy is to provide an intimate and personalized learning environment. We endeavor to demonstrate the foundation practices and routines in the construction of the End Grain Cutting Board that will establish the workshop practices for future projects.

On the completion of the End Grain Cutting Board participants are encouraged to select a project from the class project list. We suggest that you personalize your second project to meet your personal needs. We have a well- stocked pantry of timbers and look forward to assisting you with the design and construction.

The DVSCW supplies the consumables you will require such as glue, sandpaper, timber filler, screws, masks and protective equipment and hardware. If you are seeking particular hardware then you will need to source your own.

Finishing of smaller projects is funded by the DVSCW however larger projects will require a fee.

Enrolment is a term-by-term basis, there is no specific due date for the completion of work.

The DVSCW participants may attend as many terms as they wish. Some will complete only one project over a couple of terms, others will choose to develop their woodworking skills over several terms and years, completing multiple pieces.

If you have any questions about our tutor sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.