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12 Apr 2018

Woodwork for Beginners – personalising project work

Woodwork for Beginners has been added to our suite of programs in 2018.

In most cases we provide an image as a “conversation starter” for example, Fruit bowl, Coat rack or Butchers block.

We do appreciate that most inquiries stem from peoples interest in learning the foundation skills of woodwork and creating a project of personal interest.

If you have a personal project in mind  that is within the scope of your experience then we will assist you in creating your chosen project.

Interesting, we felt that it was important to add the word “creative” into our business name and it has been through personalising project work and building projects that represent participants ideas that has created a unique range of project work.

Please do not feel that you are limited by the title and image that is promoting a class.

We pride our selves on small, intimate classes of 1-4 people which enable the woodworking school to meet client expectations.

Thank you, enjoy soulful and satisfying workshop experiences.

Chris Bush